Confezioni gastronomiche per regalistica aziendale

From our great experience in selecting food excellencies it was born the idea of “ food baskets” used by our customers for their p.r. activities, as gifts or end of the year presents.

The products cover most of the great production of Emilia Romagna and mainly of Parma, without forgetting the best and most highly qualitative food of other Italian regions.

We do not have anything standard ,since we think that a gift must be tailor made and totally answers the requirements of the receiver and the donor, too.

Accordingly our marketing department task is to develop different solutions based on our tentative clientele’s requirements and budgets, free of charge and without any enagagement.

That’s why we consider a meeting with the purchasing, PR and marketing managers as the very base to collect and provide information to their satisfaction.

Our logistic department takes care of all deliveries and above all the door to door ones providing any report we are asked for.We ship worldwide ,taking care of all the necessary health and customs permits so that your gifts can safely reach even the farthest places.

Since 2009 we are proud of counting important companies, leaders in their fields, among our customers; anyhow we welcome and give same attention and devotion to smaller ones ,who share our philosophy: even the smallest parcel must be unique and heart felt.

We look forward to hearing from you…

Italian Food & Cheese